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Release 2022-06-07

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Marcel Nicolay

Versão 07-06-2022

Super excited to release today the new dashboard. We've been working during the past months to create the foundation for the dashboard where customers will be able to manage their entire payments stack.

In the Dashboard, you will have access to all your data with metrics and reports. You'll be able to create and manage your payment flows, enable and disable payment providers, create and send payment links to your consumers, and much more.

This release is focused to enable customers to manage their charges.


The dashboard is in beta version, we've limited slots to customers that want to help us build an incredible product. Aks the operations team with you wanna get access.

How to get your first access to dashboard?

  1. Go to dashboard.plugpagamentos.com and click on forgot password
  2. Put your email and click to receive an email to create your password
  3. Go to your email and click on the link sent
  4. Put your new password, and pay attention to the password rules
  5. Now you have access to your account's dashboard. Next access just do log in with your email and password created
  6. You can manage your transactions, filter by date, payment type, and status, check the transaction details, refund, and capture your capture using the dashboard.
  1. List all charges
  2. Filter charges by date, payment type, status, and id
  3. Charge's detail page with all transaction information including transaction history and providers used
  4. Pix and boleto details with customer data and download url of created qr code and boleto
  5. Secure access to the dashboard using a secure authentication process with login and recovery password

This is just the beginning. We have a lot of news features to ship in the following weeks, stay tuned.